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AAUW-Escanaba hosted a dinner and program on mental health, coping with grief and loss and local support services at the Terrace Bay on Nov. 8, 2012. We had a great turn-out of 33! Dr. Rosemary Hakes, Psychologist & Counselor; Neil & Betty Hivala, Co-Founders of The Compassionate Friends local chapter; and Peggy Schumann, owner of Positively the Center for Success, shared resources on coping with loss and ways to develop and maintain positive mental mental helath. Thank you to all who supported this meeting!
Susan Hampton, Program VP

December 1, 2012

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AAUW-Escanaba hosted a festive Holdiay Tea on Sat., Dec. 1, 2012, at the historic House of Ludington. A net profit of $450 supports the AAUW-Bay College Scholarship Fund. Special thanks go to members who donated money and help; all who purchased tickets to attend;Travis Dubord, Macie Neumeier, Sara Marenger & Kim Kang for entertainment;Suzell & Ed Eisenberger, House of Ludington; Judy Schwalbach,The Victorian Gift House;Peggy Schumann,Positively, who printed Tea tickets & ornaments; Dorothy McKnight,Daily Press. Merry Christmas! Sue Hampton & Kathy Bennett, Tea Co-Chairs

October 17, 2012

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The Escanaba AAUW-LWV-Chamber Candidates’ Forum on Oct 17 was well attended.The sponsors thank all candidates and the audience for their participation. Pat Frueh, LWV, did an excellent job as Moderator! Thank you to all workers: Pat Frueh, Ann Bissell, Sue Sheeneman, Pat Rudden, Clara Mosenfelder, Molly Campbell, Jan Gayan, Ann Jousma-Miller, Melva Goodman, Kathy Bennett, Bev Ladin, Kathy Creten, Judy Fouts, Wendy Irish, Dorothy Kollmann, Susan Hampton, Jo-Ann Clark, Susan Peterson. AAUW Postcard mailing Nov 1!Vote Nov 6! “It’s My Vote! I Will Be Heard! Susan Hampton

February 2012

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AAUW-Escanaba Branch supported and celebrated the Alliance Against Abuse at their New Year’s 2012 Potluck Party on January 19 at the home of President Susan Peterson. Shannon Taylor, AAUW Finance VP and Board Chair of the Alliance, spoke to members about the Alliance and current needs. The Branch warmly welcomed guests and new member, Dorothy Kollmann.
Current membership is 49! Kathy Bennett reminded members of the Feb. 16 Book Night at her home, starting at 7 PM. The theme is “Women We Admire/Women Who Inspire.” Desserts and beverages will be served. Thank you, Susan Peterson, for hosting!

July 26, 2012

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Thank you to the Delta Co Chamber of Commerce and all the LWV and AAUW members who were able to help at tonight’s Candidates Forum at the Escanaba City Council Chambers (July 26, 12012). Susan Peterson, AAUW President, did another outstanding job as Moderator, assisted by Sue Scheeneman, LWV. Clara Mosenfelder & Pat Rudden, LWV, screened questions, and Pat welcomed the group gathered. Sue Hampton served as timer; Kathy Bennett and Dorothy Lamberg as pagers (took questions from audience), and Karen Lindquist was present in the audience and on hand to assist. Please vote in the August 7 Primary!

July 22, 2012

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Kathy Bennett hosted our Annual AAUW Garden Party for members and guests on July 22. Over 20 attended and enjoyed a relaxing summer day in Kathy’s backyard. AAUW welcomes a new member, Chris Ryan, who recently moved to Escanaba from lower MI. Thank you, Kathy, for your warm hospitality! Plan to attend our next AAUW summer event: A Picnic and Night at the Bandshell, Wed, Aug 8 at 6:00 p. Concert is at 7:30 p. No reservations needed. Just show up with your sack lunch and a guest or two! Rain date is Aug 9. Also, mark your calendars for our Fall Luncheon, Sept. 22, 11:30 a at Pacino’s. Sue H

December 2011

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AAUW Members & Firends, Our Homes for the Holidays 2011 Event on Dec 4 was a terrific success and great fun! We grossed $4600. Proceeds will be used to fund equity, educational and leadership programs for women and girls so that all have a fair chance.Kathleen Bennett and I thank each and everyone of you who helped in any way: baked cookies, researched and wrote news articles on homes, took photos, assisted with tickets, signs and advertising, worked at the homes, etc. Everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated! We wish you peace, health and joy in the New Year!
Susan Hampton, Program VP

November 2011

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AAUW Members & Friends,
The AAUW Escanaba Area Branch dedicates this $tart $mart Workshop to M Jean Jokipii, Public Policy Chair, who has tirelessly worked to improve economic and educational equity for women and girls. She has always been a champion for women’s rights and has served as our Branch Founding President in 1973, AAUWMI President, and has served as Public Policy Chair/Initiatives Director for both our Branch and AAUWMI. A big Thank You goes to, Kerri Sleeman, Workshop Facilitato; Molly Campbell, AAUW-Bay College Coordinator/Instructor; and to Darolyn Spannuth, Project Initiator. SH

September 2011

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We missed those of you who were unable to attend our Kick-off Birthday Party & Luncheon on 9.10. We are thrilled to welcome 4 new members: Margaret Carignon, Wendolyn Tetlow, Elizabeth LaBay, Kathleen Creten. We are a busy Branch with something of interest for all! Sept 24:Social Media Training at Bay College,10a.m.-2p.m. Join us! Cost is $15 which includes lunch. October: Voter Education Forum with LWV; “Trading Treasures” on 10.20; Nov 5:Children’s Theater; Nov.10: $tart $mart Wage Project; Dec 3: Santa Lunch;Dec 4:Homes for the Holidays Tour,
1-4 p.m. Enjoy the show! Susan Hampton, Programs

December 2010

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AAUW Escanaba Area hosted another Sold Out crowd at Central United Methodist Church, Escanaba, on Dec. 4, 2010, to raise money for 2 local scholarships at Bay College. The Gladstone High School Honor Society partnered with AAUW to help serve, set up, provide music and sell toy raffle tickets. Thank you to Deb Trombly, Chief AAUW Elf;CUMC; GHS students; families who attended with their children and all the AAUW Elves! Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas!
Susan Hampton, President, AAUW-Escanaba Area

November 2009

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Dear AAUW Members,

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that I feel blessed knowing each one of you talented women. You contribute so much to AAUW and to our community and state. Thank you for sharing your many gifts and warm friendship! Happy Thanksgiving!

Susan Hampton, President
AAUW-Escanaba Area Branch

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Voter Fraud- Citzenship clarification

If I may, I think there is a little clarification needed for one of Barbara’s points in her most recent blog entry on voter fraud: The citizenship question on the voter application was not new for the August primary election.  It has been a part of the application filled out by each voter for the past several elections.  Asking the question serves a dual purpose–affirmation that the voter is a citizen and ascertaining that voters know how to correctly mark their ballots by completing the arrow instead of circling the answer, which the tabulators used now would reject.  The latter could certainly be observed by answering a different question.  In most Michigan precincts now a swipe of the driver’s license brings up a voter’s registration from the state database, the fact that the voter is present and voting can be noted with a click on the computer screen and a notation made in the electronic pollbook of the ballot issued all in one operation.  It speeds up the operation considerably.  A person’s name can always be entered manually, if necessary.

Jane Wirth, co-President, Midland Branch
Election Inspector, City of Midland

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Voter Fraud in Michigan – State and Federal Examples

Perhaps, like me, you have been disturbed by the recent disclosures about voter fraud in Michigan.  The following are a few notable examples:

  • Citizenship question requirement for primary voters.
  • 70 communities where city and township clerks missed state and federal guidelines for providing absentee ballots to military and oversees voters for the August primary election.
  • House Speaker Jase Bolger and State Representative Roy Schmidt conspired to deceive the voters of the 78th House District by paying a “fake” candidate to run against Schmidt, with the intention of throwing the election to Schmidt.  Why engage in so much subterfuge?  If no one was running against Schmidt, he would not be able to raise campaign funds.
  • Former U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter has been exposed as a fraud because he did not have enough genuine, verifiable signatures to qualify him to run in the 2012 campaign. Further, it has been revealed that he did not have sufficient signatures in the races where he was declared the winner in 2008 and 2010.  How is this kind of duplicity even possible?

Voter fraud has been touted as a big concern for Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson.  It prompted her to introduce a package of voter “reform” bills in the Michigan legislature that were colloquially referred to as “voter suppression bills.”  Governor Snyder vetoed the three bills seen as most restrictive and offensive to groups such as the League of Women Voter of Michigan, the ACLU of Michigan and AAUW of Michigan, among others.

Strangely, on Michigan Primary election day, August 7, 2012, voters were required to answer a question about whether or not they were U.S. citizens.  The request was retracted midway through the day, leading to further confusion at the polls.  This situation happened after Governor Snyder vetoed a law requiring voters to answer the citizenship question because it would cause confusion at the polls and make it harder, not easier, for citizens to vote.

The most difficult past of this scenario for me to understand is Secretary of State Johnson’s refusal to acknowledge that an error was made, or that her actions were ill conceived.  She has said she will again insist on the citizenship question in November.  Again, how is this disregard of the law possible?

There may be a reasonable explanation why Secretary of State Johnson is attuned to the threat of voter fraud.  In each of the cases mentioned above, members of her political party were the perpetrators of the fraud, leading citizens to wonder what goes on behind closed doors when party leaders gather.  It almost seems as though they are trying to outdo each other with their legal chicanery. So far, none of the lawmakers has been brought up on criminal charges. Quoting Mr. Bolger, Johnson said, “  …not breaking the law is not a high enough standard.”  On that statement, we can all agree.

What are the lessons to be learned from these instances of lack of integrity on the part of elected officials of government? It is incumbent upon each citizen of the state of Michigan to be vigilant and vocal about the misuse of the public trust.  Attention must be paid if improvements are to be made.

Barbara Bonsignore

AAUW of Michigan Public Policy Director

August 19, 2012

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Anti-Choice Assaults: Why?

Michigan is experiencing its very own War on Women in the legislature in Lansing, as evidenced by HB 5711, the anti-abortion package of bills under consideration by legislators in the state Capitol. Do you ever wonder why this is happening, and whether there is a “big picture” plan driving the actions of Michigan legislators?

It turns out there is such a group and they do have a plan. It is the Americans United for Life organization, or AUL, with national headquarters in Washington, DC. This organization is not to be confused with National Right to Life, although both are anti-abortion groups.

AUL, founded in 1971, is one of the most effective creators of anti-abortion legislation in the country. It can be seen as the pro-life equivalent of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the “corporate legislation mill,” according to the article entitled “Wham, Bam, Sonogram” in the September/October issue of Mother Jones.

In the 1990s AUL concentrated on rolling back reproductive rights incrementally at the state level. AUL lawyers, for example, wrote dozens of model bills that were shared with state and federal legislators. As a result, 92 anti-abortion restrictions were passed in the U.S. last year. So far in 2012, 13 laws promoted by AUL, or based on its model legislation, have passed.

According to AUL’s website, “Our model legislation enables legislators to easily introduce bills without needing to research and write the bills themselves.” You might want to read that sentence again, to let the impact of the message sink in.

The plan is for AUL’s growing body of state laws, such as those introduced in Virginia and Kansas, to set precedents, with the eventual outcome of changing federal abortion law. The tactic that has been effectively used in states like Michigan is to draft legislation around “concern for women.” The concern is purported to be for their safety and the condition of clinics that provide abortions.

In 2011, the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health nonprofit, reported that 26 states across the U.S. were “hostile” to reproductive rights. Therefore, it is important that pro-choice groups and organizations like AAUW reject the War on Women in every instance where it appears.

Be aware that legislators in Lansing are being manipulated by forces outside the state and are being handed pre-digested bill language that, in the words of AUL, they neither researched nor wrote themselves. How scary is that? What are we going to do about it?

Barbara Bonsignore

AAUW of Michigan Public Policy Director

August 19, 2012

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Women\’s Equality Day

Title: Women\’s Equality Day
Location: One Under Restaurant & Banquet Hall
Link out: Click here
Description: Women\’s Equality Day Luncheon Celebrations
WhenSat, August 25, 11:30am – 2:30pm
WhereOne Under Restaurant and Banquet Hall – 35780 Five Mile Road, Livonia, MI (map)
DescriptionLuncheon $25.00 Ph. 734-464-5555 Limited Seating – mail in registration form at Featured Speaker: Carolyn Cook, founder of United for Equality. Carolyn A. Cook is a dynamic and innovative feminist who will present an update on efforts to ratify the ERA in Washington, DC and in unratified states. Carolyn drafted the original proposal which became joint resolutions, HJ Res. 47 and SJ Res. 39: Removing the ratification time limit on the Equal Rights Amendment. She then worked tirelessly to have them introduced into both Houses of Congress. Don\’t miss hearing Carolyn. Other speakers TBA Event sponsored by: American Association of University Women/MI, Michigan Coalition for Equal Rights Studies, and Michigan ERAmerica. Cosponsored by: Business and Professional Women/MI, Coalition of Labor Union Women, League of Women Voters/MI, Women\’s International League for Peace and Freedom/Metro Detroit, Women\’s Officials Network, and Zonta International
Date: 2012-08-25

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2012 AAUW of Michigan Convention

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2012 GOTV

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AAUW Releases State by State Gender Wage Gap Rankings

The average wages of a woman living in Washington, D.C., is 91 percent of the earnings of her male counterpart.  New state by state research released by The American Association of University (AAUW) shows some of the location-based differences can be explained by demographics.  According to the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) the high percentage of federal jobs in D.C. may contribute to the narrower wage gap, an area with a small private sector.  Wyoming, (ranks 51) on the other hand, characterized by male-dominated industries like coal mining, may account for the wage discrepancy in this area of the country. Michigan ranks 42 with a 74 percent gender wage gap.

Read more at the Huffington Post Women‘s page.

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